Some methods seek to tell you who you are and what you need to do to combat your problems. That approach fails to recognize that merely labeling a condition, or attempting to solve an individual’s problems for him, doesn’t empower the individual with the ability to confront difficulties and handle situations in life. Our unique life skills courses and counseling techniques will help you better understand yourself, others and life so you can improve the way you react to and handle your problems.

How can we help?

Understanding more about your personality helps you understand why you have certain fears and how those fears may be keeping you from achieving what you really want from life ­­ whether that’s happiness in relationships with others or success in your career. The courses and counseling we offer at our Baton Rouge center use tools and methodologies that have been developed and refined over decades of use to help you discover what you need to know about yourself and life in order to improve your situation.

Better clarity through counseling

Not only your personality, but also your lifetime of experiences, help make up the person you are today. With enough emotional and/or physical trauma, your true self can get lost in the self that you’ve become as you’ve adapted to difficult circumstances. That may have worked for you in terms of survival, but this new adaptation of you may have also come with behavioral patterns that are destructive or damaging ­­ sabotaging your happiness.

At the LA Life Improvement Center, our counselors can help you work through the barriers that are holding you back from success and happiness. You’ll achieve more clarity into how your personality and experiences have contributed to your present situation so you can see how to improve it.  And the classes we offer will give you the knowledge you’ve been missing in the areas that have caused you trouble.  So you’ll be sure and confident of what to do so you don’t slip into the same difficulties again.

Every individual we work with has a unique situation to deal with and a unique personality to discover. Call us today or use our online contact form to request an appointment.

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