Marriage Counseling

Even marriages that began happily can become a nightmare, with a once ­loving couple becoming vicious opponents in an unhappy game that can continue for years if both partners tolerate it. Some couples are even able to put on a happy facade despite the fact that one or the other is being unfaithful. But for those couples who want to rediscover the love and togetherness they felt on their wedding day, the LA Life Improvement Center in Baton Rouge offers marriage counseling that can help rekindle that spark.

Exactly why some marriages survive, getting better every year, and others crash and burn after a few years may seem like a mystery to many people. But the fact is that there is a scientific method behind successful marriages ­­and that also means that you don’t have to sit back and allow your marriage to implode. Our marriage counseling has helped many couples who were either unhappily wed, experiencing a rough spot, planning a separation, or simply wanted to regain the love they used to feel for each other.

We’ll help you find the real reason for the problems in your relationship,­­ the causes underlying all the more obvious (and unpleasant) symptoms such as fighting, infidelity and passive-aggressive behavior.

Once we’ve helped you identify the source of the problems in your marriage, we offer proven methodologies and tools to help you improve it. You truly can restore your marriage to the blissful union it once was.

Please give us a call to learn more about effective marriage counseling in Baton Rouge and to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to helping you reestablish the loving marriage you always wanted with the spouse you already have.

Before, I did not have answers as to what we would do next. Divorce was high on our list. After this part of our session we are better able to communicate about anything. This is so very new especially for my spouse. He is indeed a new being. I can see it clearly. Never would he have been truthful on some of the things he has communicated in this session. I thought I would NEVER trust him again. I am more honest with him and feel certain that we can save our marriage and be happier than we’ve ever been before. We wish to renew our wedding vows. That is a first for us!


Regain respect and harmony in your life.

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