Anxiety & Depression

As many as one in ten American adults suffer from depression. But depression doesn’t look the same for everyone ­­ it can last for just an hour, a day, or an extended period of time. If depression is affecting your ability to enjoy life and go about your daily activities, counseling from the LA Life Improvement Center in Baton Rouge can help you overcome it.

Depression and anxiety

Depression comes with feelings of not only sadness, but hopelessness as well ­­ and perhaps a feeling of low self­worth. The depressed person also often feels out of control, which can lead to anxiety ­­ a vague or specific worry that something will go horribly wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You may not be suffering from clinical or severe depression, but if you have serious mood swings, attacks of anxiety and perhaps also flare­ups of anger, that’s something you need to deal with in order to have a better life. Our counselors help you learn why you react to situations in certain ways so you can learn new and more effective ways to deal with anxiety and depression and the stressors you face.

Counseling at the LA Life Improvement Center comes with no judgment and the kind of compassion that helps you feel more free to open up and be honest about why you’re experiencing depression and/or anxiety.

Depression counseling without drugs

Our expert counselors guide you through your true self so you can discover the cause of your depression and/or anxiety ​without​the need for hypnosis or for highly addictive drugs.

Let our counselors take you on a journey through your own mind that will help you reveal and deal with the reason for your depression so you can learn to conquer it. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

There is something you can do about it.
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