Career Difficulties

We spend a l​ot​of time at work ­­ as much as 70 percent of our life. So yes, whether your job is happy and fulfilling or not really​does​matter, and can affect your overall quality of life ­­ even during your leisure time. If you’re experiencing career difficulties, career counseling at the LA Life Improvement Center in Baton Rouge can help.

Some of the more common problems people face on the job include tight deadlines, impossibly heavy workloads, confusing or conflicting instructions, and the like. More sensitive problems might include conflict with coworkers or feeling stuck in a dead­end job.

There are many other reasons why you might not be feeling happy in your current position or career, and our career counseling services can help you determine why you’re unhappy so you can decide what to do about it.

Don’t stay in a never­ending cycle of unhappiness, boredom and dissatisfaction with your job. Our career counselors give you tools that can help you find much more fulfillment in your job ­­ no matter what kind of career you have. You’ll learn new ways to look at the issues in your workplace and ways to set and achieve your true goals.

Your life and your career are unique, so call us or contact us online to find out more about the types of courses we offer in dealing with career difficulties. You’ll find out about the tools you can use to create a career that is more meaningful and enjoyable.

I knew some of this material and used it somewhat in the time I was in the workforce but I never had the whole piece of technology as it is written in this course. So now I have the whole story and intend to apply and use it to better my life.


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