Just about everyone experiences difficulties in life sometimes, whether with career problems, family or relationship problems, depression, anxiety, anger management, or perhaps a dependence on drugs and alcohol that exacerbates other problems as well as being a problem in itself. So you know you need a little help overcoming the problems you face ­­ but where can you find the way out?

At the LA Life Improvement Center, we can help. Our approach doesn’t rely on prescribing addictive drugs, but on empowering the individual to find the right approach for the specific situations he or she is facing. Our experienced, caring counselors use proven, research­backed counseling methods that have worked for millions of people for over 65 years.

We can help you learn to overcome issues such as anger management problems, anxiety and depression, marital problems, and career difficulties. We can also help with a detoxification program for those affected by current or past drug use. And we offer counseling for a wide variety of the kind of problems that are a natural result of modern life ­­ but they don’t have to rob you of your happiness and peace of mind.

Contact us today for more information about our many services and to learn how we have helped others in similar situations to your own. You can also take our free Personality Test to gain a better understanding of who you really are and how you interact with others.

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What we’re about

At the Louisiana Life Improvement Center we utilize techniques that have helped improve the lives of individuals the world over for more than 60 years.

Our counselors are meticulously trained in the precise delivery of this technology and are supervised by an expert in the field. In fact our entire staff are educated in how to help you achieve your goals.

The results can be tracked by the improvement in personality scores after only a few hours of counseling.


Do something effective about the issues in life that are
holding you down.

Marriage Counselling

It’s amazing how much pressure has been relieved off of me. I was not even aware how much was there until now. What a BIG RELIEF! Already, I can sense that I am much more calm and able to handle things without getting rattled. I always knew M was such a beautiful person, but the harmful things I did or tried to hide were definitely clouding my vision. Now, I am able to look at her and see this radiant glow all around her. This is like a fresh start after 25 years of marriage. I’m ecstatic that I’ve been able to get rid of all the junk that had accumulated!

Effective Time Management

This is the most important step in planning my future so that I successfully pull off what I need to pull off.

It is so vital! This has sort of set my compass for the journey of my life. It is like sailing the most turbulent waters in a compact ship and not fully knowing what the ship is capable of, then finding how easy it it would be to sail using all the equipment on board.

I have lots of abilities. I have “clean heart” and “clean hands.” I can walk the heights to which I’ve set my sights and this is a new start – personally and professionally.


What a ride! The experience is amazing! I’m on top of the highest peak right now and feel as if nothing can knock me down. I didn’t realize all of the things I was bottling up and the weight they brought with them. Releasing the charge is a fantastic feeling and my cheeks are sore from holding this grin for so long! The few hours I’ve spent in session have overwhelmed me with a positive emotion that is rock solid. I cannot wait to get back in there and keep the ball rolling.  I wish I’d have done this a looooonnnng time ago!



Come join us for a free life skills lecture every Tuesday night.  Topics range from communication and relationships, to finances, understanding emotions, getting ahead at work, etc.

Lectures are from 7 – 8 PM.  Call to reserve your seat, and feel free to bring a friend.


This Sunday from 10 AM to 1PM.  Come by and have a cup of coffee with us.  Take a tour of our center and get your questions answered.


Send us a message through our Contact Us page with your email or mailing address.  You’ll receive helpful life tips, inspiring quotes and information about our books, courses and counseling services.

What people are saying

Not only am I still alive, but also more relaxed and less affected by anxiety. I have opened up more communication with people where it was an ordeal in the past. I also feel more healthy and ready to handle any situation.- D.I.
I not only feel in complete in control of my life, I feel I am able to confront and handle any aspect of it. My relationships with my family and friends are better than ever. My abilities to at work and in life have greatly increased. My viewpoint on life and myself has improved drastically. I feel confident and happy with who I am.- A.P.
I have much better concentration. My mind is not ``cottony,`` My depth perception has really been fine tuned. Also, I notice my peripheral vision has improved. Even the quality of my vision is better. I have not been edgy or angry for four days. It feels like a weight off my shoulders. Things that made me angry before not longer set off. I have peace of mind and I am thankful.- L.C.D.